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Burgundy Wedding Favours

Burgundy is a deep rich red which makes it a popular wedding colour theme in particular for autumn and winter weddings giving a sense of warmth, together with a feeling of passion and love with its red overtones to give a truly romantic feel to any wedding.

As this is such a rich colour any bride should take care for the colour not to overpower any other colours and themes that will be visible. There are lots of fun ways you can pick out your burgundy theme, for example this can be done by using burgundy wedding favours on your wedding breakfast tables, or possibly use your flower decorations in vases, picking out dark red shades, such as carnations, roses, Gerbera daisies or amaryllis.

There are not many wedding colour themes that you can actually incorporate into what your guests will be drinking and eating, but with burgundy you can, it’s not just a colour it is a wine region!

Why not have some fun with your food and wine menus. Serve only wines that originate from the Burgundy region of France, or why not go one step further and have a bar tender “working the floor” with your guests by way of wine tasting small servings of burgundy with guests being asked to guess each variety of wine. You could even create your own wine cards and hey presto you have easily created a sophisticated reception and spontaneous ice breaker for all of your wedding guests creating a memorable evening for both guests and the bride and groom!

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