3 Things to Consider when Choosing Wedding Favours for Your Guests

Wedding favours are not mere tokens of appreciation – they also are a wonderful way to personalise your wedding reception, and this is why they should be chosen with care. You should be aspiring to get favours that not only thank your guests for being part of your big day, but also create a long-lasting impression on them. We, at Forever Wedding Favours, consider that choosing these subtle gifts is not a simple task; it requires planning and forethought. We, therefore, think people should consider the following when choosing favours for their guests.

Theme of the Wedding

A great wedding favour should seamlessly fit into the theme of a wedding. What you choose should not just blend with the colour scheme at the reception venue, but also with the design and theme of the wedding. It is only then that the favours will hold more meaning and will serve to remind guests long after your wedding is over.

Age of Guests

We believe that choosing favours blindly is a big mistake. As they help to personalise wedding receptions, one aspect they should be selected on is the age of the guests. If most of your guests are under 40 and you pick up favours that are better suited for guests over 40, it will be a disaster. Typically, with our wide range of chocolates, you just cannot go wrong. They are available as stars, hearts, lollies and balls, and in a variety of coloured foils, and they transcend age groups - young or old, everyone will enjoy chocolate wedding favours.

Practical Use

Incidentally, many people forget that wedding favours are meant to thank guests for participating in their wedding. They should therefore be something that they’re going to enjoy and appreciate. At Forever Wedding Favours, we can help make your wedding a memorable one. Instead of running from pillar to post, you can pick up our high-quality mint, rock or chocolate wedding favours. These are available in countless colours, which can blend seamlessly with your wedding theme. Our chocolate, mint and rock sweet variations are not just great to look and taste; they also are affordable.

If your wedding is round the corner and you are still looking for the right gifts, you cannot go wrong with Forever Wedding Favours. Contact us today and we would love to supply the right little touches to your wedding, and help make it a unique and memorable event.