Go Green On Your Big Day: Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

As concerns about the environment grow stronger, it seems everybody is trying to go green these days – and the latest craze is eco-friendly weddings! Your wedding is most likely one of the most lavish, expensive events you will hold, so reducing its impact on the environment is a great way to show your respect for the planet.

Here at Forever Wedding Favours, we've put together a few ideas of our own to ensure your marriage starts off in a green manner. But remember it doesn't have to cost the earth – even just putting one of these tips into practise can make a difference.

  • Rings - Speak to your jeweller to find out how their jewels are sourced. There are lots of companies out there that produce rings using recycled gold and responsibly sourced, fair-trade jewels.
  • Invites – If you're inviting 200 people to your wedding, printing out 200 invitations on new ornate paper is definitely not the most eco-friendly way to go. You could use e-invites and set up a website to monitor the responses, or if you don't want to go that far you can at least source some recycled paper and request online RSVPs.
  • Dresses – Everybody loves vintage, including the environment. There is no need to spend thousands on a dress you will only wear once - find a stunning, unique vintage dress which will help you stand out and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Flowers - Many flower bouquets traditionally used in wedding ceremonies are imported, leaving a trail of air miles and pollution in their wake. Due to how far they have to come, they're also usually sprayed with chemicals to ensure they still look fresh. Opt for home-grown, organic flowers instead.
  • Food - Find a caterer which can provide organic food for your reception meal, or go a step further and source the goods yourself from a local farmers market. For drinks, try to track down a local brewery. Your wedding feast will be more unique, and environmentally friendly.

And for the favours at your green wedding, why not try Forever Wedding Favours? Purchase our foil wrapped chocolate wedding favours in a variety of colours for your guests to nibble on during the day, and get them to re-use the colourful foil wrappers as confetti!