Five Reason To Honeymoon In The UK

Here at Forever Wedding Favours, we love weddings. But we understand that they are an expensive and, at times, stressful business. It can be nice to have a relaxing honeymoon for the two of you to look forward to, after the event. But if you’ve splashed out thousands on your wedding, jetting around the world straight after may just not be an option for you.

So, did you ever consider the option of honeymooning right here in the UK? We think that keeping your honeymoon a little closer to home should not be seen as a cheap last resort - there are plenty of benefits to a UK honeymoon besides the cost savings.

1. The Costs
It is the obvious number one benefit – staying within the UK will slash the costs of your honeymoon. It may be that you’ve already done a lot of travelling together, and if you’ve just spent excessive amounts to create the perfect wedding to keep you and your guests happy, you probably don’t have much spare cash lying around. Also, isn’t it better to start saving for your future together?
2. Convenience
Staying in the UK means no converting money, no hanging around at airports and no language barriers. Whilst we all love holidaying abroad, staying somewhere more exotic can come with its own host of problems, such as insect bites, jet lag, strange food and communication problems. Holidaying within the UK makes for a more straightforward getaway and provides you with more control; you can quickly drive there yourselves and have everything available easily at your convenience.
3. Flexibility
Without language or money problems, staying in the UK also allows for more flexibility. Don’t like the hotel you’re staying in? No problem, simply move on to a different one. The two of you can afford to be more spontaneous in your activities and locations, even travelling around the entire country if you wish.
4. Explore The Country
Even though you’ve lived here all your life, can you truly say that you’ve seen everything the UK has to offer? From the rolling country hills of Wales, through to bustling cities such as London and quaint seaside towns in Devon, there’s plenty to be explored. The majority of UK attractions are open all your round, so whether you are booking into a luxurious rustic cottage in the countryside or a sophisticated city hotel, take your honeymoon as a chance to explore your home country a little more.
5. Create Memories
The great thing about honeymooning in the UK, is that you can return there as often as you want. If you and your spouse fall in love with a particular country house or quaint pub, there is nothing stopping you creating a tradition of going back every year, to share your memories together.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have a great honeymoon. But whilst you’re planning your wedding, check out the selection of wedding favours available from Forever Wedding Favours today!