Are You Making These Wedding Planning Mistakes?

The date is set, the venue chosen, the guest list prepared and suddenly the full extent of wedding planning hits you. From invitations to readings, there are a lot of decisions to be made and arrangements to be put in place. Our first tip is to take a deep breath and follow our list of some common wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

1. Writing a "to do" list but forgetting to include a timetable. Whatever your time scale, assigning yourself a time frame for each task will ensure that you remain focused. Give yourself a deadline by which items should be selected and ordered, then move on to the next consideration.

2. Failing to keep to the budget. It might not seem like much to go £75 over budget on the flowers or £50 on the dress, but if you're not keeping track of the small adjustments you'll end up going far beyond your financial limit. Remember: the wedding is for one day, the marriage is for every day. You will have a much happier start to married life if it isn't tinged with unnecessary money worries.

3. Waiting until the day to see the bridal party in full hair and make-up. Whether you're using a professional or styling yourselves, get the group together for a practise session. Besides, they'll need the indulgence after all that planning!

4. Forgetting to provide enough information for guests. In addition to knowing where to be and what time to be there, guests will need some advice concerning transport, accommodation (if necessary) and gifts. Consider setting up a car sharing system so that you won't have to worry on the day about getting everyone from the ceremony to the reception. Similarly, these days a lot of couples have already acquired the accoutrement for a happy home. Think about registering with a preferred retailer, or letting guests know in advance if you would prefer a monetary donation.

5. Worrying throughout the entire time. This is one of the happiest times of your life: don't let it be a relentless sea of stress! The most important thing is that you found someone to build a life with. Keep talking to that person and keep calm, and if it becomes too demanding don't be afraid to let your friends, family and the professionals step in to help you. That's what we're here for.

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